Bed Television What To Do With Wife Who Lays In Bed All Day, Watching Television And Eating?

What to do with wife who lays in bed all day, watching television and eating? - bed television

PS. Persuasion, Psychology, etc. do not work!


liddle_a... said...

It was always like this? Is she happy about it? have been terminated for any reason in life. What are you doing that could lead to have abandoned them, things, or you're part of the whole? Usually there is a depression, what a man unusual sleeping habits, eating habits and a loss of interest in other things ... If you have cheated or done something that is in turmoil after he studies for a wedding consultant or a trusted pastor or just reading the Bible and prayer may be a better way to ... should discuss their concerns, and if you are depressed, see if you can contribute to the manner. Good luck ..

ash_rema... said...

I think one must say that it bothers you, and you want to leave the house and do something good in your life
Perhaps the needs of his love, and yes
the destruction of television and the refrigerator vegetable and fruit sugar store * NOT * to determine whether the candy you want to talk outside the home * next, with her time and what you eat, go eat the left argue that, as Your pet can feel important to his wife feels it is not reasonable, then there, doing nothing is
Play chess with her to work your mind
Buy his books and magazines
When this work has not yet led to the doctor

Lucy in the Sky... said...

Well, do not seem to want to do anything but lay around. It sounds as if he is lazy, as you say. In reality, its just a therapist. You may suffer from depression, not cure the real itself. And if he wants to go alone, I do not know how much you convince him to go to ... Other than trying to convince them to go further. To stick with it. Tell him that the woman she was, that you will miss you, you feel much better if they want to help. Good luck!

Jackie G said...

They do not tell your age if you have no children. He looks like he is pushed. Mong all have one days we say "shit". However, the lack of information, it seems that you depressed.Once a comfortable discomfort that is difficult to escape. This deal has not become a comfort zone for them, with the reality. herslf was from the basic things that they hold happiness, surrounded, The Food Company (TV). This requires a GPtablets seems the answer to this, but can he the forest for the trees. love x

Benji said...

You betta slap yo b **** wit dat dang a long. Just a joke, but wat u should really do is give his pipe. Then there is at present for a while. Then say wat u get da hose again. This will only work if ur Packin DWN.

chieko said...

Sounds like someone who suffer from depression. It could also be anemia or a condition that makes her tired all the time, she needs to see a doctor and tests are underway as soon as possible.

Mica-Dad... said...

How Bout a surprise romantic weekend and make it something special.

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